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Please read {III.} and {VI.} before playing.
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M!A :: Human for 72 Hours
Point of Extinction — !!PP Bonfire || Hikari & No.3 

     Obviously, he was late. Like always. 
     It had taken him a while to rationalize coming, anyway. There was an entire parchment dedicated to the cons of this decision, while only one pro; so he’d stuck to his pride, stubbornly sitting on the couch as she made suggestions at him and tried to bribe a few hours of attendance with a months worth of cupcakes. He’d remained strong. 

     … for some reason, hours later, that single pro slipped into his consciousness and stayed at the forefront, refusing to leave. 

     Causing him to put on the clothes Hikari had purchased and left, conveniently, laying on the bed. Driving him to find the location of the bonfire. Immediately leaving on sight of the huge pile of flame, the dancing crowd— many more individuals than the sorceress had projected to him, definitely. 


     The pro was wiped from his mind. He wasn’t going to go through with this, no matter how disappointed she would be… 

     He turned to leave. 



"I’m not so vain as to use my friend as a safety blanket. I take responsibility for my actions, and if they lead to my death than so be it. Impervious was not what I was going for either."

"Then be straight with it. You obviously have some ulterior motive; admit it or I refuse to take part in this ridiculous dance any longer.” 

"… I think I’ve got the hang of it." 

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cαя∂ισℓσgу || Hikari + Black Waltz No. 3


      Simply staggering. Curses could do incredible things — things that not even the greatest mage she knew could accomplish; change personalities, bodies, habits, anything about anyone with just the whim of the shadowed witch. She had been victim to a curse herself a time or two, yet never did she remember the change being this sharp. Perhaps, however, that was only because it was him — stubborn, unchanging; a Waltz before anything else. A monster hiding behind his pride. Yet now…

       …he was human.

       And yet she wasn’t thrilled. It was him, but a changed him. He didn’t need to change at all. Though his present form was nothing but pleasing in every visible way, she longed for familiar gold and midnight blue.

       Watching him intently for every change, every subtle shift in the way he moved or spoke or looked, she found… several differences. He stumbled, hauling all his weight onto one arm and a tree trunk, legs as unsteady as a newborn calf. Apparently this body was giving him far more trouble than she would have predicted, yet atop her sympathy was a wide grin, stretching rosen lips into a bubbling laugh.

       Since when was he so cute?


       ”—Need some help there?” she teased, head canting just so as she made her way toward him, hands raised to offer assistance, yet when she arrived, charitable fingers turned tentative. He was the same, yet different, as if another man had stolen his voice.


       Fingertips barely brushed his chest.

       ”—I just… missed you.”

     She laughed. 

     It was hideously obvious to him what he must’ve looked like, in that stark, naked moment- his fingers raked across the trunk of the tree he steadied himself against, causing a wince when long claws failed to protect calloused fingers. Of course she laughed- he looked like a fool. Stupid and pink and soft, wingless and bland, thunderless. Stripped. No longer the final culmination of a genius’ magic and art, the perfect assassin, the perfect machine


     Three found himself unable to meet her eyes, molars grinding together as pale eyes flicked furtively away. As she touched his chest, instinct snapped back; and free hand whipped around to catch her fingers hard in his, to trap the un-granted sensation—
                                                                     …. he stopped. 

                         He could feel her


     The Waltzes grip subsided; he found his balance, after a moment, focus centered on the pale digits in his hands. His other came to join them, and dedicated process to studying, investigating this feeling. Indescribable- even when her hands brushed against skin protected by treated cloth, it didn’t feel this clear, this magnified. He felt as though he could count every line in her palm, every fold between her fingers, every swirl of print on her fingertips by touch alone. 

     As he explored, mumbled words slipped out; unconscious, but every bit real. 

                                   ”I missed you, too.” 



       ”Not to command, no — merely to establish an agreement, one of mutual gain. To put it simply, you tell me what you want, and I’ll make it happen! In return, I’ll need some assistance.”

       Stalking was something he was quite used to, the action nearly habitual; and so he circled the man with calm, steady steps, a swagger in his movement as he made his offer, vague as it was. Yet vague, he had come to learn, held more power than most realized — let him project whatever he wished onto his new benefactor, as long as he gave him what he wanted.

       ”What do you say?”

Practiced as he was, Three’s new face couldn’t mask the barely there reactions of conversation the way midnight skin used to. A perk in the arch of his brow, a minute, yet sharp turn of the head; his full attention was presented now, obviously. Yet; long, tense meetings had trained him for this behavior, this haunting circling- and while his ears were no longer as tuned, he didn’t need to follow this new presence with his eyes to know exactly where he was. 

Gaze held steady at the wall, chin held at a proud level with hands held at parade rest behind his back. Shoulders stayed down. Yes, he knew this game, all to well. 

                                                        ‘A trap to spring for our little canary.’ 


" Even if I were interested in your proposal… what sort of assistance would you require…?” 



"I’m fairly sure that you wouldn’t cause Hikari any pain by killing one of her closest friends. And I want to get to know someone who is so close to my friend."

"Kehah, that’s believable.” 

"Don’t think for a moment that you are impervious simply because of what Devonair calls you. She has no say in what I do— or do not— do.” 

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