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Title: Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme)

Artist: Darren Korb

Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme) - Bastion

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Thunderless;; So this was just submitted to my inbox and well— 

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Calm Before the Storm || Three & Hikari


       He didn’t look at her. Perhaps that was what made it far worse — had he had a different tone, maybe a bit more hesitant or unsure or apologetic, or even just a glance. Yet now, could he even stand to look at her?

       What had she done wrong?

       She shrank. Her form became visibly concave, folding in on itself; her shoulders slumped, bending inwards — no wings to shield her this time. Fear blossomed in the growing darkness of her eyes for this wasn’t normal; there was something about this, about him, that wasn’t right and she knew him well enough to know that he would not tell her.

       A part of her was furious.

                               A part of her was terrified.

                                                       Don’t leave me alone here.


       For a moment, she was silent, still as the once fluttering heart caged within her breast, pierced through by splintering fear. She hadn’t been without him for days now, more than she could count on both hands, so what was she expected to do without him? Watch a movie by herself, read a solitary fairy tale, perhaps bake a batch of cupcakes, eat one, and leave the rest to stale.

       Turn the lights off by herself and be left to shiver in darkness without protection. Spend the night not sleeping but staring, staring out the window, flinching at every flickering shadow; at the doorknob just waiting for it to turn.

       But beyond her fear, there was sadness; not for her, but for him — for whatever he was going through that had him acting like her presence was poison. For whatever she had done to make him this way.

       Lips moved slowly, subtly, opening in silence before any words were known.

       ”—…I’m… sorry…? …I don’t know if I… I mean… did I do something?”

He could feel that fear, that crippling terror that suddenly sparked in the suddenly fragile form behind him. He knew why— he understood. Three had tried so hard to stay, to fight through this stupid wanderlust that kept him itching for his pack, his boots, the sprawling open sky. This stagnant life was good— Hikari needed him— and she pampered him just as though he still lived in Alexandria castle to keep him happy and safe. 

              As though he still lived in Alexandria castle. With his Princess. 

                                       Miles from where they were,
                            Thunder shook the sky, 
                                                With a quiet, beckoning, murmur—

Features swiveled suddenly toward the sound, taunt hands moving to grip the seat of the chair. Wings and pinons spread and fanned, testing humidity of the crisp wind that entered through that still open window. The fear that lingered in the room was pushed aside with misgiving as he finally leveled himself to his feet, leaving the perch he’d occupied for hours.

He had to go.  

The Waltz turned; the expression on that pale face caught his breath in his throat, imperceptibly stalling. Those sapphire eyes so wide, the deep etched shadows beneath them having been gone for days now suddenly so prominent now. Slowly, gray head shook; approaching the girl with a hand moving upward to catch a hooked finger beneath delicate chin as he reached the doorway where she stood. All motions fluid and calm. Just keep her calm. 

"… it’s not you.” Baritone voice emerged still the same as before, though he tried to soften the rough edge. “I haven’t stayed in one place this long since….” 

Since Alexandria Castle. Since straight after the botched mission, having crawled back down from Summit Station. Since he’d recovered, slowly, laying on the cracked and broken hardwood floor of the abandoned farmhouse outside of Dali for nearly two months. He couldn’t stay. He had to keep walking. Keep moving. Away. 

"… I just have to leave."

Thunderless;; So I was like completely sick of not being able to draw Hikari to my satisfaction. Still haven’t settled on an eye style, but I think I got it pretty well so far. =3 

Middle outfit is credited to crownofsmiles, I believe. The last outfit is the one that makes Three go DokiDoki. 

"…. hm…"

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Thunderless;; Hey bbies

How are you enjoying your sexual sunday

It’s about to get hotter with ANOTHER LITTLE ART GIVEAWAY. 

This one’s gonna be a little tougher. Leave me a scenario of a sexy thing your character would do with Three (it won’t count in the timeline yanno so nothing to lose go cray with it) and I might draaaaaw iiiiiiit! Catch tho- the scenario has to be in character. 

So basically, leave me a creative smut drabble and I’ll do my best to draw it. Both my askbox and my submit are open for little and loooonger drabbles. //wiggles eyebrows yea




I think it's amazing that you (and, by extension, the other two) took a minor villain with little to no information and personality and just breathed so much life into them. Not mention your /art/! Overall you are pretty awesome (and fuq anon, I do what I want)